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What ARE the Benefits of 

PI  maximizer?

Why Should you, as a highly qualified Provider, see personal injury patients

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Patients that are truly injured in a bona fide accident deserve access to the best medical providers.  However, many of the best medical providers will not treat injured patients because of perceived payment issues.  And this concern is absolutely true if you don’t understand the complexity of the claim management process with commercial insurance carriers.  

However, with intimate knowledge of the interaction of the personal injury legal process and the commercial insurance claims management process, these perceived payment issues can be fully eliminated.  And better yet, treating injured patients can become a source of high recovery claims since commercial insurance carriers don’t have predetermined reimbursement service fee schedules or limitations.  This is the exact benefit of PI Maximizer solution that generates recoveries from commercial insurance that are at least 50% higher than health insurance recoveries. 

This significant increase in commercial insurance recoveries would allow your practice to significantly increase revenues without dramatically increasing the number of patients treated.   How exciting would that be?

The ARS Healthcare Network was developed at the request of large Personal Injury Law Firms who desired to work with a network of medical providers who understood the unique attributes of the claims management process of treating personal injury patients. 

PI Maximizer was designed as a a turn key solution for medical providers to address the unique attributes of treating injured patients and collecting commercial insurance claim by delivering attorney referred patients, initial patient assessments, streamlined claims management and accelerated collections.  Your practice will continue to code and bill your medical service claims which are then forwarded to ARS.  ARS manages the claim with patient's referring attorney and the commercial  liability insurance carrier shielding your practice’s personnel from interactions with these non-traditional health insurance billing and collecting activities.  ARS can also jump-start your personal injury business by providing your practice with a marketing campaign to local personal injury attorneys making these firms aware of the medical qualifications of your practice.

Creates a new line of patient referrals/revenue for provider without any upfront investment in new equipment, software or personnel

Seamlessly extends provider’s existing billing process to manage and collect claims from commercial insurance carriers

Facilitates all communication with the patient's personal injury lawyer and the commercial insurance claims personnel

Monitors and assesses personal injury attorneys and all attorney  referred patients to protect provider's professional reputation

Provides training to provider's medical and administrative personnel to facilitate the treatment and billing of injured patients

Delivers proactive marketing services to quickly build provider’s awareness and reputation with local personal injury attorneys