As a provider of emergency medical services, patients are admitted to your facility day and night with varying medical needs. Studies from the Center for Disease Control report over 1/3 or 40 million emergency room visits each year are injury related.  The billing and collection process for claims related to injured patients is different from processing health insurance claims.  The ability to recognize injury-related patients, identify the correct commercial insurance carrier to bill and the collection of these injury-related claims is a tedious and time intensive process that often requires specialized skills.  Many emergency medical providers are unable to find or afford qualified staff to manage the specialized administrative processes related to personal injury medical claims.   ARS can help by providing a turn key solution to outsource the administration and collection of these specialized medical claims.


The key to processing injured patient medical claims effectively is to identify the injured patient shortly after admission to flag the claim as commercial insurance.  

ER Lien Services is a turn-key program that addresses the identification of injured patients and the billing and collection of these medical claims from commercial insurance payers.  ARS identifies the injured patient at the time of patient registration without additional software or staffing required.  Our solution is designed to fully integrate into your existing patient processes and systems without disruption.

ARS works directly with your patients to help them file a claim with the appropriate commercial insurance carrier.  This insurance information is forwarded to your billing department for reference on the medical claim.  After the medical services have been billed, it is forwarded to ARS for filing with the insurance carrier and the appropriate Office of the County Recorder.  Thereafter, ARS works directly with the commercial insurance carrier shielding your personnel from these administrative, non-care oriented activities.

As commercial insurance carriers rarely have reimbursement fee schedules or limitations, a properly billed and filed emergency room claim can be reimbursed at or near 100% of the claim amount, which is typically significantly higher than what most ER providers currently receive.  The key is to properly bill and file the claim with both the commercial carrier and the Office of the County Recorder.  A partnership with ARS eliminates the extra administrative burden of processing accident injury patient claims and significantly increases the probability of collecting a higher claim recovery. 

In addition, ARS can also assist the emergency medical provider with prior medical claims that remain uncollected and have been or will be written-off.  Using the ARS’s expertise and experience, we are often to obtain at least a partial recovery.   

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