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Founder's Message

"Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a paralegal".  I say that in the same tone as a recovering alcoholic would introduce herself at an AA meeting.  I'm a recovering personal injury paralegal activated by years of watching personal injury abuse with patients faking injuries, providers performing unneeded, costly medical services or refusing to treat injured patients because of collection issues, and attorneys not paying providers fair compensation.  Watching this abuse for years led me to form Accident Recovery Solutions with the mission to connect professional providers and attorneys who want to truly  help injured patients. ARS connects providers focused on patient outcomes with attorneys focused on negotiating fair settlements with commercial carriers who are committed to paying fair compensation to the providers.   I'm grateful to say that we are accomplishing our mission.   Every month more providers join the ARS Healthcare Network and every month more personal injury law firms commit to sending patients to providers in the ARS Healthcare Network. We are excited about what we are doing to eliminate the abuse in Personal Injury!


Jennifer L. ceo